Christie Mellor is really very.

3 Jun

I very nearly made the first post about this miracle pore plug concoction that turns my super-slick skin a more tolerable matte, but I figured that wasn’t the best way to express to the masses (I mean you) that I have—and I quote the “About” section—“a wide range of interests.” I probably misquoted. Ho-hum! So, in place of the aforementioned miracle toxin, I want to pay tribute to the divine Christie Mellor. She is an author, illustrator, musician, actor, mother—a seemingly all-around good egg, and an inspiring one at that. True story: I tried to get on that PBS show, Road Trip Nation—the online version of the show, anyway. The mother of a toddler can’t just caravan to Australia, or wherever, interviewing neat people. This one can’t. But yes, I applied to go on a mini-road trip around my state, and one of the people I mentioned I would love to interview is Ms. Mellor. But I didn’t hear back. Damn the luck!

This is Christie Mellor fronting a band.

Do you know of whom I speak? You may not have picked up the book The Three-Martini Playdate: A Practical Guide to Happy Parenting if you aren’t the owner of kids, but you should. It’s hilarious. And if you’re somewhere in the realm of becoming a parent and are hanging out on the fence because the thought of playdates and parks and sippy cups makes you want to have a mid-life crisis early, Christie Mellor will tell you with great panache that parenting does not have to be as annoying as those women in ponytails and Juicy track suits make it seem. Well, it is inherently annoying, because it’s a trifle annoying when you realize your life is no longer yours, but that’s my issue, not yours . . .

Three-Martini Family Vacation: A Field Guide to Intrepid Parenting followed The Three-Martini Playdate, but I haven’t gotten the former yet, as I’m still terrified to travel as a family unit. I’m sure the book’s content is fabulous, though. Not a doubt in my mind, because Were You Raised by Wolves?: Clues to the Mysteries of Adulthood, which was published in 2008, left me in fits at points, and conjured too many familiar people and scenarios from my life—in a funny way. Were You Raised by Wolves is really geared toward twentysomethings who lack social graces, but if you’re past your twenties and still haven’t grown up completely, it’s ideal for you, too. Among the extensive Table of Contents are great Heloise-style household tips, pointers on how to throw a great cocktail party, some finance matter, and my personal favorite—movie suggestions that will improve your fashion sense, as well as your home décor. Hopefully, Ms. Mellor won’t mind if I provide a quick list, because I thought the section was really something special:

(The following is my paraphrasing.)

  • early James Bond films
  • Douglas Sirk films, especially All This and Heaven Too (note drapes)
  • Flower Drum Song: See Sammy Fong’s “swingin” bachelor pad.
  • What a Way to Go
  • A New Kind of Love for “cool room dividers,” “built-in prehistoric TV sets, the hanging lamps that threaten to decapitate, and the coolest rust-orange sofa ever. Bullet bras! Great Hats! Stunning 1960s fashion models!”
  • Attack of the Mushroom People for “Japanese western-style fashions”
  • A Shot in the Dark
  • A Clockwork Orange for the cat lady’s cool décor

There are a couple more, but you should definitely just get the book, or at least check it out from the library. My library didn’t have it, which I found utterly unacceptable.

Now, Mellor’s publisher, William Morrow, has released this book. From the synopsis, my best guess is that it’s about not packing it in and deciding to wear sweats every day after turning forty, or conversely, deciding to ask for the “Heidi Montag” in hopes of turning back time. Don’t have the tome yet, but I look forward to it.

One last thing about Christie Mellor.  If you go to her site, you can link to her band’s site. How amazing does this woman look? I find her fresh and gorgeous and the real deal—as far as I can tell. Maybe one day we’ll be bosom friends. That, or tomorrow, I’ll have a restraining order against me.

At any rate, check out her stuff. It’s REALLY VERY.


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