An Aesthetic Feast

6 Jun

If I can remember right, I was searching for old photos of Anna Karina, the most darling of darlings, when I happened upon a young Canadian girl’s Flickr account. Obviously an ardent Anna Karina fan, she also resembles her, as evidenced by her many photos in which she exhibits her sartorial prowess and devotion to the days of yore. (I hope it isn’t too creepy that I admitted to scanning some of her photos. EDIT: Oh my word, I just realized I wrote “scanning.” I didn’t mean scanning; I meant skimming through, perusing . . . I’m not scary, honestly!)

Somehow, I stumbled upon her again recently, via the blog circuit, and was delighted to find that she’s continuing to show the world her wonderfully demure ensembles—and has added video blogging to her online offerings. Here’s a pretty great 1960s Mod eye makeup tutorial. I like that she manages to make a look that could be undeniably costume-y modern.

Apparently she has a decent following, given that she answers reader questions posted to her Formspring account. Her take on courteous blogging and writing sincerely is right on, in my opinion. It’s heartening to see early twentysomethings interested in foreign film and decades past and other quality topics. Actually, I know of plenty twentysomethings of the same ilk; it’s the teens I worry about. And with that, I vow to not sound so flippin’ old for the rest of the day!


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