Did you ever see the Woody Allen film Vicky Cristina Barcelona? This blog isn’t an homage to it; the blog’s title and subhead come from the really very Heathers, of course. If you got the “really very” reference, you probably already knew that. (And before you correct me by saying the phrase is “how very,” do remember that’s what Veronica says. When Heather Chandler is trying to talk Veronica into going to a college party, she assures her that it will be “really very.” See?) But back to the Woody Allen flick. I only saw it once, but I’m fairly certain it was Cristina, played by the exquisite Scarlett Johansson, who lamented the fact that she hadn’t yet found her true passion. Or maybe it was that she hadn’t yet mastered anything. Or a combination of the two. Anyhow, I connected to that bit of dialogue because, although I took music and dance and wasn’t horrible, and I’ve read my fair share of books, and I definitely have a wide range of interests and things I’ve gotten way into, I don’t have that one thing I’d pursue at any cost. Perhaps not everyone has that thing, and perhaps not having it is okay. So long as you’re tuned in to the world and exercise your brain, maybe there’s no harm in not being a tortured [insert all-consuming thing here].

I do find myself inspired to the point of envy (in a good way—a lime-green envy) by everything around me. I’m so taken with what certain people are doing, making, watching, reading, what have you. Getting clued in by others, even when they aren’t aware of it, helps me round out my world view and add to my personal canon of Things I Enjoy. So this blog is a tribute to the gems in life I consider really very, as the Heathers would say. I hope you like what you see.

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