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Ren Faire for Genteel Cyclists?

17 Jun

If you caught my previous entry, “An Elegant Bicycle,” which I nearly typed in as “En Elegant Bicycle” (good morning, grey matter!), you know that I’ve quite suddenly caught cycling fever, if only because a dignified-looking bike and some smart shoes simply make the whole practice appear so effortless and pleasurable. It wouldn’t even be appropriate to use the word cycling if I’m doing it. Leisurely pedaling, perhaps. Slow ride . . . take it easy. Although, I’m almost certain the latter is about something else.

Anyhow . . . as I was flitting about the WWW, researching high-priced leather seats and other accoutrements that would help round out this likely fleeting passion, I happened upon a little something called Tweed Run, currently in its second year in London, but making its way to New York and Toronto this fall. It’s touted as a “metropolitan bicycle ride with a bit of style,” and as you can see from the photos below, participants fully embrace the motto, don their best Jeeves and Wooster getups, and pedal into the sunset.

Photo © murphyz on flickr

Photo © murphyz on flickr

Do you suppose any bit of their ensembles was purchased at H&M?

Oh, and here’s the great flier artwork:

Missed it, darn it!

Am I the only one who thinks this looks ridiculously fun—apart from the possibility of getting flattened by a double-decker bus? Or, is it actually a bit Ren Faire-ish, and we’re pretending it isn’t because mustached hipsters dressed as Victorian gentleman are riding vintage bicycles around, and that’s hopelessly charming? (Actually, as a rule, I don’t do mustaches; but in this case, it kind of works.) Will vintage Raleighs soon become part of the Urban Outfitters catalog alongside turntables, Lomo cameras, and fixed gear bikes? Probably. Oh well. Go me for catching on a hundred years too late. It doesn’t matter much where I live, anyway.

The more and more I carry on with delving in and out of interests, the more I believe I must’ve been a gentleman of yore. But that’s another story for another time.


An Elegant Bicycle

15 Jun

I haven’t been on a bike for darn near four years, at least. I’d probably not pedaled for five years prior to that. And now, I have a child who I can’t imagine trusting me to cruise her around suburbia, even with a helmet; so I don’t know how long it’ll be before my hindquarters make their way to a banana seat. However, if I had the dashing bicycle pictured below, I might be compelled get a sitter and brave a few slimy gutters in the name of letting the breeze blow through my tresses and making believe I’m in the Smiths’ “Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before” video.

1970s Lady’s Sports Raleigh 3-Speed • Photo © LovelyBicycle.blogspot.com

Handsome, isn’t it?

(I’m not certain as to whether Morrissey and gang are riding Raleighs. I’m in the process of finding out.)

How painfully charming is the Raleigh Green paired with, say, brown leather handle grips and a Brooks Saddles brown leather seat? It’d make a girl want to cycle from morning ’til eventide. A girl without a child, but hey . . .  here’s to dreaming. (I love my child—really. I love to dream, too.) Best conserve sitter funds—and best get over my fear of slipping to my near-demise in an aforementioned sludge-covered gutter, which I did when I was about ten, and clearly haven’t yet emotionally recovered.

Oh, and . . . I’ve recently purchased these Oxfords, which I think would complement the bicycle I’ll probably never get in quite a lovely way.

Please note that Urban Outfitters made an error on their site. The shoe is actually white on the toe and sides and tan in the middle and on the trim.

Fictitious agenda upon completing Mission: Secure an Elegant Bicycle—ride to coffee and leave with it in a slender silver thermos—and perhaps order a jelly-filled doughnut to celebrate freedom on two wheels; take a jaunt to the park to read some Colette on a soft patch of grass, preferably whilst being greeted by a group of congenial butterflies; feed some ducks and smile at babies and pleasant-looking passersby; head home for sundowners on the back deck, fairy lights aglow.