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Velvet Summer

24 Jun

I was attempting to compile a bunch of fashion photos to help me sort out my summer look, which at the beginning of the season I vowed would be something that represented the titles NewRo Summer or Velvet Summer. I don’t really do summer in a  sundress/shorts/barely-there clothing kind of way. My gams don’t really have it, you see, so I must cover them. Anymore, this tends to result in jeans and various tops—with a cute pair of shoes on a good day—maybe. Still rather dull. Very dull—who am I kidding? I do accept that I will swelter in these parts, but not as much as when I was in my Levi’s Sta-Prest and polyester 511 phase. Oh dear me. There’s nothing like sweaty legs enveloped in non-breathable polyester to make you feel sexy in the dead of summer.

So, anyhow . . . I was trying to sort out a post that would help me wrap my head around enjoying summer fashionably without going the shorts and dresses route, but, unfortunately, a stylist I am not. The task grew tedious about ten minutes in, not helped by the fact that my computer is running unbelievably slow. I do feel as though I’m dialing up on a 24.4 connection, which actually makes me a bit nostalgic—but enough of that for now!

What I did find, though, was this post by The Cherry Blossom Girl which reminded me of how I would do summer if I had all the right clothes and slightly better legs. The vibe of it all is precisely what I’m going for. And yes, if I actually had girlfriends, no toddler/stepchildren, and if my husband were away and would ever give me his blessing to break free from our wannabe mid-century modern look for something more Gothic and/or romantic, a night like this with all the trappings would be a night of bliss. Of course the shoot didn’t take place in summer but at Christmastime. It figures I would be so into it. I see absolutely nothing wrong with black lace, candlelight, and frill for summer, though. Now I just have to get out of my Rufus Wainwright T-shirt and try a little harder.

Some highlights from the post:

Some other not-very-summery idears:

Love the idea of blouses all summer long—wouldn’t love steaming them, though. Photo © HopelesslyDevoted on Etsy